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About Me


Hi I’m Azeem Dar, an artist host event planner & idea crater for betterment towards Pakistan his belonging to well-known showbiz family in Pakistan Lahore called DAR family he is the nephew of Khalid Abbas Dar & Rashid Dar who are famous director actor and producer in Pakistan television industry Azeem Dar move out from Pakistan in early age to enhance his international experience in different field as banking event management tourism and hosting he is very well connected with the media industry in Pakistan as he play many role as an actor singer model and host with couples of media producer director and actors in showbiz industry AZEEM DAR have been travel to almost 100 countries in the world on his Pakistani passport which is a big achievement to make him proud to be good Pakistani based on his personal 15 years international experience he is well known personality in the field of event planning hosting idea creator tourism & banking on extreme level. Azeem Dar is residing in Dubai as his second home as Dubai is the big business hub for all his projects

I determined to form a company that would resound with the next generation, modernizing the role of Event management travel & tourism service worldwide as well as banking advisor Azeem’s excellent attention to customer needs and fantastic advice available to all the sector public & government.

Based on his successful international experience he has announced his name as brand AZEEM DAR GROUP which he will be providing the following services: