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As I have worked with international banks and attended professional training, I am ready to provide my excellent services in today’s world-class digital banking, where I can advise you with the right documents for services like opening a personal or business bank account with my great connections and sources in Dubai UAE and other countries. Azeem Dar Group has become a one-stop-shop. I am offering my banking services in Dubai UAE, Singapore, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America. I recommend Emirates NBD, HSBC, CITI BANK, ADIB, RAK BANK, ADCB BANK, FAB BANK, DBS BANK, UOB BANK, BANK OF CHINA, HENG SHENG BANK, HSBC UK, HSBC HING KONG, NEWEST BANK, LLOYDS BANK, BERKLEY BANK and EUROPE BANK. These are the best banks when it comes to providing the banking needs and services as I highly recommended to start with. For next banking advantages and levels, feel free to drop an email.

Company formation

Open the video get to know more about how to do the Company Formation Click Here


As I am very close to the showbiz industry, I would like to offer my services to all the sponsors in the world as an artist host and event planner. I can arrange a meeting with the artist you would like depending on your budget, availability, and current projects of the artist. Please note that this sector and service are just for registered sponsors and not for the public.


I am currently working on some showbiz projects which are different and include organizing events such as live concerts of artists in Pakistan, Dubai and all over the world. My participation as a host and event planner details can be found on my Instagram or Facebook page under the name Azeem Dar Group. I have officially announced a very interesting project which includes the actors who will be performing a cricket match. My role is of an event planner and I arrange a cricket match under JS Production managed by Saleem Sheikh and hosted by Azeem Dar Group. In Dubai and Pakistan, this is a new trend which has never happened before. Actors will be on the cricket ground and I offer and welcome all the cricket teams in Dubai to play with actors.


Based on my personal experience as I have visited almost 100 countries in the world on my Pakistani passport. It is a great achievement and considering my nationality, I would like to offer my services to the public as visa information, tourism plans and guidelines of the right documentation services or planning a trip to abroad, you can simply drop me an email and ask for recommendations which Azeem Dar Group can provide at free of cost. If you are looking for an international tour anywhere in the world such as United States of America, United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, Middle East or anywhere else where you wish to go, just let us know. You choose the destination, Azeem Dar Group will take you there.

Software Solution

We help organizations transform data into real-world intelligence and answer their toughest business questions.

BFTech is a data analytics and integration start up specializing in data analytics, business intelligence and data science industries. Our consulting services enable transform data into real-world intelligence, answer their toughest business questions and operationalize the use of data based decision making across business functions such as compliance and marketing. BF Tech